Ruby Chocolate Caramel
Ruby Chocolate Caramel

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Ruby Chocolate Caramel

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* Limited edition flavor *

Ruby chocolate is considered to be the 4th chocolate after milk, dark, and white chocolates.  It's naturally rosy with no colorants added.  It has a fruity, berry flavor with a fresh sour note.  There are no flavorings added to this special chocolate.  It's a lovely complement to caramel, so we drizzle it over buttery caramel corn for a special treat available only for a limited time.  

Silver pouch contains about 3 1/2 cups.  

Regular pouch contains about 14 cups.  

* Heat sensitive item!
The chocolate drizzled on this flavor will melt given warm enough temperatures.  Shipping to locations during warm weather may result in a melty mess!  It will firm up again once cooled and flavor will not be affected.