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Popcorn Seeds

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Gourmet White:  small butterfly variety, pure white puff, tender and “hull-less”

Ruby Red:  small butterfly variety, burgundy shell pops into white puff, crunchy texture

Autumn Blaze:  small golden butterfly kernels with some burgundy kernels, “hull-less”

Shaman Blue:  blue hull that turns burgundy when popped, large, white, tender round puffs 

Thistle Pink:  a pale pink hull that pops into a tender puff

Mammoth Mushroom: the big daddy of popcorn seeds, large, coarse texture that’s sturdy enough to stand up to being caramelized

Weaver Gold: golden, tender, medium size theater-style popcorn

Patriot’s Gold:  a mix of Ruby Red, Gourmet White, Shaman Blue, and Weaver Gold

top in with your empty bottle and get $3 refills! 

Choose the 3-pack gift box with our most popular seed varieties Gourmet White, Shaman Blue, and Weaver Gold* for a gift that is sure to please the home popper.  The $3 refill still applies!  

* We may substitute an in-stock variety if any is out of stock. *